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JULY 15, 2024 Special Message from Dan Young

July 15th is a very important day in United's history. Click on the link below for a special message from CEO and COB Dan Young.

Congratulations on 60 Years

2024-2025 Group Medical Insurance Renewal Information

Information regarding this year's insurance renewal was e-mailed to all on July 9th. We're including the details here for your reference as well. Be sure to read through the memo from Tom Banach, then review the information regarding the available plans.

If you wish to make any changes to your current benefit selections, they must be submitted no later that July 25, 2024. If you have any questions as you review this information you may contact Tom Banach or Julie Remington.

For details of the Program:

Memo from Tom Banach

2024-2025 Benefit Program Brochure

2024 Benefits At A Glance

United's 2024 Scholarship Award Program

As CEO/COB Dan Young announced through e-mail at the end of May, United is once again offering a scholarship award program. Through this Program, United will offer six individuals funds to be used toward their education, be it at a college, university, junior college, trade school or vocational school.

For details of the Program click here the 2024 United Scholarship Program brochure.

It is also possible to sign up online using this link to the 2024 Scholarship Award web page.

Applications must be submitted to Julie Remington by August 1. They will then be reviewed by United’s Scholarship Committee consisting of Julie (chair), me, Eric Frazier, Dena Noble and Moises Rojas.

Seasonal Spring Scent Still Available

In April we introduced the new Spring scent for United 289 Spray Deodorant. This is a limited availability seasonal scent that allows your customers the chance to try something new and different for the season.

As of July 15th we have just 200 quarts of our seasonal scent remaining in stock in St. Charles for your customers. Don't forget to give this scent a push on each sales call and get your orders in right away.

Will we have a new summer scent coming along? We'll have to wait and see as the Spring fragrance is depleted; but we can't help thinking what might be next.

Highlights from United's 2024 Annual Business Meeting in Charleston

Our Points Beyond attendees had a wonderful time in Charleston, South Carolina. On this trip we started off by celebrating the award winning performances of our top sellers. Then we presented our Annual Business Meeting featuring a recap of 2023, the initiatives of 2024, the introduction of new products, and a focus on hospital selling.

Below you'll find links to videos for the various segments of our business meeting. Be sure to check them out to stay on track with our employee-owned company.

Dan Young Presents 2023 Highlights and Financial Recap

Eric Frazier Presents Business Unit Highlights and Sales Initiatives

Debbie Nehmer Runs Through Latest Product Introductions

Dana Killmer's Hospital Selling Presentation (Note: This presentation does not have audio as it was presented directly.)

New United 722SF BIOSPOR-E Controls Biofilm in Drains

We're excited to introduce a new product for use with our SureFlo Dosing System - United 722SF BIOSPOR-E. This product is formulated to target the biofilm that develops in the drains where operating room suction system discharge is disposed. The biological fluids being put down these drains encourages the growth of the biofilm. This blend specifically targets the breakdown and digestion of the organic matter, long-chain fatty acids, blood and more that is sent through the drains to the sanitary waste. For more details check the product page or follow the links below for tools to help you sell.

Click here for UNITED in FOCUS Newsletter.

Click here for catalog sheet.

Click here for product label.

Click here for new 722SF / Zero Harm Brochure.

Click here for Easy Ship Order Form.

Click here for Eradicating Biofilm White Paper.

June's Top Health Newsletter

The June edition of the health and wellness newsletter, TOP HEALTH is now available. Learn from articles highlighting: the pleasures of pickleball; how COVID-19 may have a negative impact on PTSD; and information on working to get past burnout.

Click here for Top Health.

Need Help Accessing 401(k) Info Online?

Whether you're new to our 401(k) program or you've been participating in the program for years, you might benefit from the information contained in the link below. With this link you'll find a flyer that walks you through the log in process on line. It also includes information on the various tools that are available to you once you've accessed your account details. From tools, calculators and other resources on the website you'll find some great information you can take advantage of from your computer or tablet.

Click here to learn more.

Apartment Management Company List

Approved Vendor List

CAP Cheat Sheet - See Front of Price List

Salvation Army Location Pricing

TIPS Contract - See Front of Price List

Learn About TurboScan

Do Your Military Bases Use EESOH-MIS?

Our Military uses the EESOH-MIS system to manage risk of exposure to environmental and occupational factors. This system allows them to share information across different functional areas to try to stay in compliance and make sure they are working with the correct data. Not all bases use this system, but if your military customers do, it can be a benefit to you and United as it will allow them to do searches for NSN numbers that have been previously established.

We also have a listing of previously established NSN numbers available through our Sales Tools/Downloads menu. Click here to view that listing.

Need Help Setting Up Your Cell Phone E-mail

If you need assistance setting up your United e-mail for access on your Android phone, iPhone or iPad, that help is just a click away.

When logged into the United website, as you are now, you can click on the HELP menu option and then select the option that you need. An Adobe pdf file will then come up that walks you through the necessary steps for set-up.

Check it out by clicking the preferred option below:

E-mail Setup for Android Phones

E-mail Setup for iPhones and iPads

Drum Roll for United's Top 30 in 2024


Drum roll please…Whether the folks in this roll call are selling by the drum or by the pint, they are leading the way for sales in 2024.

Top 30 through June:
1. Bobby Marshall (Southeast)
2. Dominique Carrigan (West)
3. Dave Edwards (Great Lakes)
4. Mike Grover (Plains)
5. Tamara Wilkie (Great Lakes)
6. Larry Shaffer (Southeast)
7. Suzanne Zabowski (Great Lakes)
8. Randy Welsh (Southeast)
9. Rick DeGroff (Great Lakes)
10. Jim Taylorson (Southeast)
11. Patrick Joray (Southeast)
12. Barry Azzolina (West)
13. Ed Zitzler (Plains)
14. Dan Sacks (Northeast)
15. Jonathon Mayo (Southwest)
16. Eddie Kabbage (Great Lakes)
17. Tom Schiller (Plains)
18. Leigh Kelly (Southeast)
19. Andy Dimas (Great Lakes)
20. Murl Weaver (Southeast)
21. Eric Fitter (Southwest)
22. Bill Zitzler (Plains)
23. Jessica Murt (West)
24. Rick Dominguez (Great Lakes)
25. Tracey Ray (Acworth)
26. Brady Reese (Southwest)
27. Janice Peterson (West)
28. Jennifer Coleman (Southeast)
29. Monique Fischer (MD Supply)
30. Ken Borghi (Southeast)